Wedding Management

Yes Events wedding planners will be the most-cherished of your life for eternity, With a blend of tradition and modern touch to our designs, we create magic around your ‘Big Day’!

League Sports

Yes Events Sports & League Sports , Together we shall celebrate the true spirit of sportsmanship through our League sports events. We ensure that the adrenaline keeps rushing!

Incentive Program

Incentive Programs are not just a thank you for past success, but a motivator for repeat performance and long term loyalty. We think that calls for incentives that are as special as the guests themselves for Yes Events.

Stage Shows

Who doesn’t Love to be at a Live Concert? We infuse excitement and thrill into live shows through our meticulous planning and coordination of electrifying performances!

Other Conference

Build a network of reliable suppliers & loyal customers. Our event strategists chalk out innovative & visible solutions for you to reach out to a large and wider audience through exhibitions and trade fairs!


If you are looking to organize any other Events, YES EVENTS  provides full event management and onsite support. We are Able to secure the best possible event space and provide a full range of  services.

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