Wedding anniversary events celebrate important milestones in a couple’s life together, and provide an opportunity for friends and relatives to join in celebrating that milestone

Engagement & Wedding

Yes Events wedding planners will be the most-cherished of your life for eternity, With a blend of tradition and modern touch to our designs, we create magic around your ‘Big Day’!

Cultural Events

Yes Events best In Cultural Events? We infuse excitement and thrill into live shows through our meticulous planning and coordination of electrifying performances!

Festival Celebrations

Festival Celebrations are fun and enjoyable to participate in. But they offer a number of challenges in the planning. The host of the event will usually select the date, and have some ideas about preferred locations by Yes Events

Award Ceremonies

Event Management of Award Ceremonies that honor staff or acquire and customers. Award Ceremonies are an important type of events when you consider that we live in a society that loves to honor people for their achievements


Event management of birthday parties, events and celebrations. Learn how to organize birthday events by yourself or what professional event managers can do to assure a successful party. Details about all planning steps and potential mistakes.

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